Saturday, November 1, 2014

continuing silence


  It was a small park and Max, myself and the girl were the only ones in it. Max and i watched as she picked a flower and approached us. When she came close, she remarked on how beautiful Max was and asked if he was a Boxer. I let her know i don't speak but that i could hear her. The girl seemed very intrigued by this and began to ply me with questions...lots of questions.
  She told me that she was looking for God in the city, and that something had told her to come to this little park. The girl then went to pet Max, but he backed away from her touch. She had an eager look in her eyes, and asked if she could take a picture of Max and me. I declined being photographed, but motioned that she could take Max's picture.
  As she moved around, positioning herself to take an optimal photo, Max stiffened and growled. The girl mentioned that Max didn't seem to like her, so she decided to snap the photograph while standing at a safe distance. When she had gotten her picture, i smiled, waved goodbye, and Max and i went on our way.
  Max is a good dog, i don't know why he didn't like the girl. As he and i continued our walk, i began to quietly laugh to myself, remembering an old cliche i heard someplace. "Dog spelled backwards is ...".
  When people are looking for something, they will usually find it. Whether it's there, or not.

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