Tuesday, April 8, 2014

a year of silence

New York Cont.

  I didn't yell. I didn't even hold my arm up. All i did was nod my head and he pulled that cab over to the curb as if i'd been waving a stack of hundreds. I instantly admired him. I find people that are extremely good at what they do to be fascinating. He was talking at 800 miles per hour before i even got in the car.
  The cabbie had asked me 3 times where i wanted to go before he realized i wasn't talking. A brief look of consternation passed over his face until i held up my note pad with the word "Guggenheim" scrawled on it. He gave me a thumbs up and shot into traffic.
  "Do you speak english ?", he asked looking in the rear view mirror. I gave him my standard, i don't speak but i can hear gestures, and received another thumbs up.
  His banter decreased in pace and volume with every stop light. Traffic was slow and long before we reached the museum he petered out completely, leaving us both in silence for a good portion of the trip.
  I don't know what exactly happened, but he accidentally brought me to the Metropolitan Museum instead of the Guggenheim. I didn't gesture or say anything as the cab driver, realizing his mistake, began to chuckle to himself. He then shut off the meter and maneuvered us back towards the Guggenheim.
  When we arrived i paid him, and smiling, he gave me a quiet thumbs up. He then reached through the separation between us, to shake my hand before i got out.

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