Sunday, October 5, 2014

continuing silence


  I don't hate television, i just don't find much on it very interesting. If i can't learn something from a program (or anything else, for that matter), i don't want to spend my time on it.
  However, i have discovered that turning off the sound, makes t.v. far more interesting. Shows become more rewarding when you have to decipher them. Using observation and imagination to follow a story line, is a fun challenge.
  Art is somewhat similar in this respect. Many times people have asked me what one of my pieces means, without having spent any time interacting with it, whatsoever. This is like someone giving you a jigsaw puzzle, and you handing it back to them saying, "Can you put it together?". Things and experiences hold more value, and have more of an intellectual impact, if we work for them. When we figure something out, we tend to retain the lesson.
  Brains need exercise or they become lazy and mired in subjectivity. Unfortunately, not a lot of what's on t.v. is much of a mental workout.

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