Tuesday, December 16, 2014

continuing silence


  I'm working on a new piece. This new artwork will actually have a sound component to it. The noise it makes, will give the piece more strength. Most of its power however, will come from its visual "quietness". I will be able to create this paradox because of what i've learned over the past 11 months.
  Before i began this project, i steadfastly made every one of my pieces soundless. But sound isn't inherently "bad", it isn't "good" either. It's what makes the noise, that should be held up for scrutiny.
  I don't feel much like writing anymore, but ideas for new artworks are multiplying in my head exponentially. My brain feels like one of those expanding Jiffy Pop popcorn things. I want to make things that are bigger than just words...
  One month to go, and i realize that so many of our words are just wasted energy. The spoken ones, and often the written ones, as well.
  I will be quiet for the rest of my life, even though i may need to make noise now and then.

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