Sunday, January 4, 2015

continuing silence


  Is it possible to change so much, that the person you were, essentially "dies"?
  It would be convenient to be released from past transgressions by completing a personality suicide, or by saying "I'm sorry" to an all powerful god. But i don't think either really results in complete transformation. We may shed skins like a growing snake, but we are basically the same, no matter how many scales we shed.
  I have received phone calls from people that i've had no contact with for almost a year. They assume my silence is over with the passing of January 1st. (January 15th is the actual day this endeavor officially ends.)  Friends have expressed a desire to continue where we left off...     
  I remember texting many of these same people birthday greetings during the past year. Three of them responded to my attempted communication with the query, "Who is this?".
  I wonder...
  I know i'm still the same, but will anyone recognize me?

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