Monday, January 19, 2015

continuing silence


          "I bet no one will able to shut you up after the 15th!"
                                         - a friend

  This will be my last entry in this tedious blog.
  I am still silent. I have no good reason to be otherwise at this point. There is nothing i miss about speaking, other than its convenience. In this modern age, speaking seems more indulgence than necessity to me.
  Very little of what i've heard bears repeating. Likewise anything i've written. With over 7 billion people in the world (products of billions before them), very few ideas or thoughts are original. Mine are no exception. I'm sure many have already said what i have chosen to write over the past year.
  I have seen and done things that were byproducts of this project, that have altered the way i will see and do things in the future, however. Two examples immediately spring to mind. Number one is falling in love with bicycling as a form of transportation for body and mind. The other is that i have developed a strong aversion to wearing sunglasses.
  I think it's because i desperately want to see the world exactly how it is. Not altered by some artificial device designed to make it darker, sharper or glare free, while simultaneously making me appear more stylish or cool. I want to see everything, everyone and myself, from all angles, without any distortion whatsoever.

  As always, complete objectivity in all things will continue to be my goal. Narrow subjectivity, i'm sure, will continue to be my burden.

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