Saturday, February 8, 2014

a year of silence


  To communicate with others is commonly regarded as "sharing". To cease speaking can be interpreted as no longer having a desire to share. Becoming antisocial is not an intended component of this project.
  As mentioned earlier, i have found that just soundlessly mouthing words can be a very effective way of communicating. Interestingly, i have discovered that far more females than males are readily adept at reading my lips. The numbers in this comparison are so disparate that it can't just be attributed to chance.
  I do not believe in assigning characteristics to human beings based on their gender, so this phenomenon puzzles me. I am going to continue this comparison as the year continues and try to formulate some kind of explanation.


  I have had two encounters with hearing impaired people since i began this piece. I did not speak at either meeting, yet neither of these people assumed i was hearing impaired. Both communicated with me vocally, in a regular, unaltered fashion.
  Conversely, nearly everyone i have come across who does not appear to have any difficulty hearing, instantly assumes that i do. Many of these people will subsequently raise their voices and enunciate more emphatically. When i assure them, by means of gesturing, that i can hear them perfectly well, they will often begin to whisper. What a wonderful, unexpected phenomena! My silence has somehow inadvertently caused others to be (momentarily) more quiet!

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