Friday, July 18, 2014

continuing silence


  Roughly 3 thousand years ago, i was dating someone and we had what i thought was an ideal solution to a common(?) problem that can occur between couples.
  Sometimes you or your partner may just not feel like talking. It's not anything your significant other did, you just want peace and quiet for a while. Perhaps you need some alone time after a hectic day.
  Often reflective quiet on the part of someone in a romantic relationship is subjectively interpreted by the other person as a withdrawal from them in particular. They become insecure and actively question and solicit the person who's only momentary objective is simply the solace of a little silence. So much unnecessary conflict can arise from this kind of situation.
  To alleviate any insecurities of a misunderstanding partner, it may be necessary to make your need for quiet plainly visible and therefore impossible to misinterpret. The person in need of solitary silence simply places a written sign on themselves that is readily visible, saying something to the effect, "I'm not upset by anything you've done whatsoever. I just feel like having some quiet time. Talk to you soon. Thanks."
  Wearing a sign while you move about in your own home may seem a bit weird, but it's not nearly as ridiculous as many of the arguments started over a simple need for occasional silence.

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