Wednesday, July 9, 2014

continuing silence


  "How long has it been? You are going to talk again, right?"
  I've been hearing these questions from people a lot lately.
  I think many of them see this period of silence i'm doing as a burden on me. They think of it as a deprivation that i can't wait to be done with. A majority of these people enjoy talking, and maybe revel in noise as well.
  It has occurred to me that in some unconscious psychological bent, one of the reasons i began this "year of silence" was to perform some kind of penitence for my transgressions of the past. It's entirely possible.
  I often make many of my art pieces never really knowing why, until months or even years later. I make most of my artworks out of instinct. I compulsively cobble things together and figure out the semantics later. While i no longer consider this endeavor in silence to be an artwork, the basic principle still applies.
  I honestly don't know if i will make noise again. To me (so far), this isn't a sentence i'm serving, it's a vacation.

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