Thursday, July 24, 2014

continuing silence


  Now that i've become a listener instead of a talker, i've discovered that many of us don't care what other people think. We only care what we think.
  I have been watching conversations for months now and i've observed that we are the most animated and display the most enthusiasm when someone else reinforces the beliefs we already hold. Often, if any of our core beliefs are questioned or skeptically examined by another person, we tend to get defensive and even angry.
  A majority of the population react to Art in a similar fashion. If we see a painting of something immediately recognizable and pleasant to us, like a sunset, we react with enthusiasm. The painting reinforces our already held belief that sunsets are "pretty", so we immediately like it.
  But make a piece of Artwork that is unfamiliar or confronts a religious or sexual taboo....or bring up the subject of abortion at your next party...and watch tempers flare and voices rise.
  Raising your voice louder than everyone else's doesn't make you right. Shouting down or ignoring the new and different doesn't make it go away.
  Be quiet and listen. Your fear makes you deaf and blind.

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