Tuesday, July 22, 2014

continuing silence


  How obligated am i to make noise?
  I feel i am obligated to make noise as a last resort in order to prevent another living thing from harm. But am i obligated to make noise if my silence causes another living thing to feel sad, uncomfortable or angry? Is that my problem or theirs?
  Far too often we let the subjective influence of others dictate how we feel. When we are small children we use our parents' approval or disapproval as a guideline on how to behave. As we grow into young adults we mimic others and let the fear of being ostracized rule our lives. Some of us never really grow out of this way of living.
  Most of the time our ideas of beauty, morality, justice and even fun are based on what society defines them as. Even people that rebel against societal norms tend to gather in sub groups with their own modes of behavior and appearance. As a species, we are still anachronistically tribal. While we may no longer rely on the tribe for physical survival, we have come to rely on it for self esteem.
  How often has someone else "ruined your day" by making a remark? If the incident caused you no physical harm, why did their momentary subjective behavior upset you? Other people's opinions about you are often more about themselves than you, anyway.
  The noise (or silence) from others should always be viewed with an objective eye.

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