Monday, March 10, 2014

a year of silence


  To be silent is to experience how the world spins without you. So far, it seems to move along just fine.


  Frequently when i attempt to communicate by silently mouthing words, the person i'm conversing with will attempt to finish my sentences as a way of expediting the exchange. I will start a sentence and they will speak aloud what they think i'm trying to express. More often than not, their anticipation of what i'm going to say is incorrect.
  This situation sometimes results in a "Mad Libs" kind of conversation. Their spoken prediction of what i'm about to communicate being wildly different from where i was actually going.
  I rarely correct people when these situations occur. I find these exchanges pretty hilarious, but also a good lesson in humility. It makes me realize that very little of what i have to say is of such grave importance that it doesn't benefit from a humorous abstraction.  

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