Tuesday, March 18, 2014

a year of silence


  My phone stopped ringing weeks ago. It's dormancy is only broken by an occasional random sales call.
  Being silent has turned out to be a great way to discourage solicitors. The now common practice of being asked for various information when checking out at retail establishments, is immediately cut short by my gesturing that i don't speak. All i do is make that cutting motion at my throat and i'm instantly freed from overly personal information queries, sales pitches, and even requests for spare change by people in the street. Often, no matter how obvious i make it that i can hear the solicitor, just my not providing them with reciprocal vocal feedback is enough to put a halt to any sales or marketing attempt.
  We all seem to rely on feedback from other human beings as a means of affirmation, as well as a guide on how we should proceed. We use other people like a mirror, to make sure our appearance is what we think it should be. If we don't get a reflection, then we are disinclined to show our faces. 

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