Monday, March 17, 2014

a year of silence

  How much of me is my voice?
  I have a friend who says she misses our in depth, late night phone discussions. She has told me she misses the comforting sound of my voice most of all. I have offered to get together on numerous occasions, but she has expressed no interest in meeting me sans voice.
  My niece is getting married in June and my sister really wanted me to speak at the wedding. Over the years, i have become a sort of family "spokesperson" on important occasions. I will attend the wedding but i will not be speaking, much to my sister's disappointment.
  I have been in the fields of talk radio and personal training. Both of these occupations pretty much rely on having a voice, a vocal expression of personality, that will attract people.
  I have b.s.'d, schmoozed and amused people for the majority of my life. When i stopped making noise, i effectively removed a part of my personality that had existed for years. The funny thing is, while some people seem to miss the noise i used to make, i do not. I don't miss it at all.

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