Saturday, March 22, 2014

a year of silence


  When you voluntarily categorize yourself as belonging to one group or another for the sake of communal comfort and companionship, you are placing shackles on your mind. I am guilty of doing this by declaring myself to be an artist.
  Everyone carries around this preconceived notion of what an artist is. I consciously and subconsciously try to fit myself into my own notion of what an artist should be. By doing this i am limiting myself by attempting to utilize some kind of guidelines by which to conduct my life.
  I will no longer be female or male, black or white, heterosexual or homosexual, american or chinese, catholic or buddist, left or right. I will not follow any prescribed ideology for my own ease and comfort, or that of anyone else. I will not be anything, i'll just be. A slate has to be blank in order to write on it.

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