Friday, September 12, 2014

continuing silence


  Max hates loud noise.
  He is pretty tough looking and people are intimidated by his appearance. They have no idea that he is one of the most mellow, thoughtful dogs that i care for. Sometimes, he'll just come to a complete stop while we're walking, as if he's pondering something. It will take some insistence on my part to get him moving again, but he eventually does, in an almost condescending way.
  The only thing that disturbs Max's aloof temperament is noise. He almost cowers when a bus roars by us. He will not cross a street if there is a loud truck waiting at the light. He despises those guitar players in the park and will steer us far away from them. Sometimes, i cover his ears and that seems to help. He's the only dog i know who behaves this way, and he is one of my favorites.
  The other odd thing about Max is that i've never, ever, heard him bark. Not once.

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