Saturday, September 27, 2014

continuing silence


  I was sitting on the roof of my car, greedily sucking in the fall colors blazing from a grove of Aspen trees. Yellows, reds, greens and oranges, they seemed almost confectionery in their warm hues.
  A car pulled in behind my perch. I could hear the stereo and the slam of a door. "Please, please, please, turn off your stereo", i silently pleaded. The car's engine had been turned off, but the music kept playing. I concentrated on trying to tune it out. I have become very adept at mentally blocking out the noise of those around me.
  Soon i felt a presence near me. It always mystifies me how we can sense someone near us, even though we do not see or hear them.
  I looked down from my roof and there was a woman standing next to my car. She said hello, and told me that she had been photographing me in my reverie. She told me that she would send me the pictures if i provided her with my phone number. I was surprised out of my absorption with the view by this thoughtful gesture from a complete stranger. I let her know that i don't speak and gave her my phone number with a quiet gesture of gratitude.
   As the woman made her way back to her car, it occurred to me that i had been sitting there quite a while, and i should move to let her have an unobstructed view of the beautiful colors. I could hear her music playing as i waved and departed.
  Later that evening, i received 2 photographs on my cell phone. There i was, small against the beautiful backdrop of Aspens, quietly watching the trees, with no one else in sight.

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