Friday, January 17, 2014

a year of silence

  While i dislike using labels of any kind, you could say i'm an artist and this is one of my pieces. The only benefit i can see in referring to oneself as an artist, is that it seems to afford you a great latitude of behavior in the eyes of the general public.
  I began making art years ago in the form of anecdotal photography. This soon progressed into constructing photographic assemblages, then photographically based sculpture, outdoor installations, video and performance art. If i want my art to keep progressing, the next logical step seems obvious...i need to become art myself.
  Unfortunately, one of the qualities necessary for something to be art is that it needs to be seen. Art is didactic, and in order for it to fulfill this aspect, it has to be experienced by others. I am not a social person and i would be very content living in a cave, happily making stuff in complete anonymity until my inevitable demise. Due to the nature of art, this is an impossibility.
  For someone who values isolation and anonymity a wiser career path might have been monk or life insurance salesman. But i make art out of compulsion not choice. Everything else seems like a crushing waste of time to me. I love, respect and believe in Art more than anything else. Whether the art i create is of any quality, remains to be seen.
  You can pee in a coffee cup and call it art........... but is it good art?

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