Sunday, January 19, 2014

a year of silence


  The silent condition that i'm imposing on myself will extend beyond just denying myself the use of my voice. Since silence is the focal point of this piece, i have to "hush" in all aspects of my day to day life.
  Incessant noise is ubiquitous in the modern world and to avoid contributing to it will involve constant vigilance. Headphones must be used on any noise generating electronic devices. The indiscriminate use of my car horn (unless in an emergency situation) must cease. Although trying to sneeze quietly without blowing my eyeballs out of my skull may seem impossible, i'll attempt it. Little things like saying "thank you" to someone who holds a door and yelling "ow" (or more accurately, a plethora of obscenities) when hurt, will be among some of the most difficult noises to avoid.
  Short of killing oneself, (sometimes a shrewd career move for an artist) no one can be absolutely quiet. This is an attempt to live life and be as quiet as possible without resorting to such drastic measures. But is making a lot of noise essential to living life fully in our modern world?

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