Monday, January 20, 2014

a year of silence


  I think we human beings in general, have come to associate noise with life and silence with death. From the moment we enter the world we are induced to make noise as an affirmation we are alive. From that point on, making noise is a quickly established (instinctual?) way for us to get what we need to survive.
  Long after making noise was essential for survival, we continue to employ it as an affirmation of life. From well worn sayings like "the squeaky wheel gets the grease", to pop stars urging the crowd to "make some noise", noise is firmly associated with having a good time and being alive. Simply yelling "wooohooo!" at a party, out a car window, or at any social event is generally accepted as an affirmation that you are having the time of your life. In many cultures we clap our hands to show our approval and enthusiasm over a presentation or event. The louder the clapping (and accompanying whistling, etc,) the more strongly our approval is demonstrated.
  We alter our cars and the stereo systems therein to make more noise. Are we "roaring" to establish our territory? Does the vibration of an elevated bass provide an enjoyable physical experience? (it does feel kind of cool.....) Is making your vehicle louder a way of ensuring other drivers are aware of your presence, and thereby a good way to avoid accidents? All of the above? Or are the people that do this kind of thing just being selfish and annoying?
        -As an aside: When in the history of humanity has a male yelling out the window of a car,
        "Hey, baby!"(or something to that effect) been received warmly by a female and resulted
        in a subsequent romance?
  In virtually every retail establishment there is music playing over a speaker system. Is it to make you feel more pleasant and put you in a buying mood? Or maybe it is to distract you and take your mind off of the fact that paying $80.00 for a shirt might be a little ridiculous?
  At times we seem almost desperate to avoid silence. Why.......?

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