Thursday, January 16, 2014

a year of silence


  Friends are merely people who put up with you far longer than any stranger ever would. is just the opposite.
  The news of my intention to spend a year in silence was met with diverse reactions from friends and family. These reactions ranged from utter disbelief to unbridled enthusiasm.
  Some reacted as if i had told them i was dying or that i was going away on a long voyage of some sort. One friend said goodbye and then wished me a happy birthday in advance (my birthday is months away). A couple of people called me the night before i embarked on the beginning steps of this project to wish me well even though they seemed a little pensive about the whole thing. A few friends were excited and fully supported my plan (i admit that my shutting up for a year might be a great relief to many who know me...). Two  of the people i told of my intentions have informed me that they are planning to trick me into talking.
  A couple members of my family expressed outright concern over my endeavor. A reaction i was not prepared for and has truthfully made me feel guilty and a little selfish...
  I am not telling some friends and family about this project because i'm interested to see if i can go the whole year without speaking and have it pass unnoticed.
  I honestly did not think many people would be interested in my plan, much less show any strong emotion over it. Whether this interest waxes or wanes over the coming year remains to be seen.
  I am just beginning my art project and have already uncovered a valuable insight. The confirmation of my belief that we love our friends not because of their personalities, but in spite of them.

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