Tuesday, January 21, 2014

a year of silence


  Finding a quiet spot in our noisy world has become almost impossible. Museums and libraries, once safe havens of silence, are now abuzz with barely hushed conversations and cell phone din. Even when wandering in the rural outdoors, peaceful solitude is broken by the noise of jets overhead and the loud exclamations of our fellow hikers as they marvel at how peaceful it is.
  Why are we so uncomfortable with silence? A lull in any conversation is met with general panic. The minute we arrive home, the T.V. or radio is switched on. The hills are "alive" with the sound of music. Heaven forbid there be "dead" silence.
  I've had many people tell me they can't stand silence. They can't bear being quietly alone, so they fill the void with their phones and other electronic devices in order to distract themselves.
  Distraction. Isn't that what what most of this noise is? Maybe a lot of us need that distraction. Without it we might start to think, to reflect....... That possibility seems to scare a lot of people.

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